Safe Boats, Happy Gators: Why We Choose to be Eco-Friendly

You may not want to jump into that thick, green blanket of Louisiana swampland, but many rare species call our bayou home. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the snapping turtles, herons, lizards, and of course, gators, that make up this delicate ecosystem.

Our specially-designed Cajun Encounters boats allow us to share the beauty of this unique environment with visitors and locals alike: we believe that by providing guided eco-tours, we are not only giving our guests an unforgettable experience of Louisiana, but also inspiring them to notice the amazing natural world around them, and help to preserve it.

Our newest (even smaller!) 10 passenger boat

But what are we doing to protect this gator habitat?

As a locally-owned and operated, family-run company that values the natural world around us, we worked hard to design boats that are perfectly suited for the Louisiana swamps, and friendly to the animals that live there. Some commercial boats, such as air boats, have been criticized for creating noise pollution, unknowingly hitting sea life, and otherwise disturbing the fragile ecosystems in the water bodies they travel.

We choose to do things differently.

  • Our boats are efficiently built to glide through the swamps with minimal drag and low emission engines. The flat bottom ensures that we don’t unknowingly disturb the swamp life beneath us.
  • We pick up the trash, on land and in the swamps. Our boat captains are passionate about keeping the swamp as pristine as possible, and they make sure to grab any debris they see floating in the bayou.
  • We limit our interactions with the gators. And not just because of those teeth! Aside from the occasional gator treat, our boat captains never handle, chase, or corral the gators. They do their thing, and we just try to catch them in action.
  • We’re strengthening our partnerships with other environmental groups and eco-friendly organizations in and around New Orleans, so we can find new ways to help protect the land around us.

Ultimately, the reason we exist is to share our love of all things Louisiana with our guests. By offering a fun, educational experience of the swamps, we like to think we’ve inspired others to take an interest in the world around them, and all the other living things that share this earth with us.

A little more about us.

Stay tuned.

We’ll continue to share the steps we’re taking toward a greener, gator-friendly future. Until then, we encourage you to think about the environment when planning your next vacation, and support local, environmentally conscious organizations.

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